Featured Vid #350 – To This Day Project

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Today’s featured video is one of the best, most viewed spoken word poems on the entire Internet. With over 18 million views, the video is a stunning 8-minute compilation of incredible short animations of many styles, set to the poem To This Day by Shane Koyczan. The poem is a heartfelt and inspiring reflection and personal story about bullying and the hardships that many people experience in their youth, mostly at school. Shane narrates the video, reading his poem with the pacing and emotion that only a great spoken word poet like himself could do.

Not only is the story quite poignant and just absurdly well-told, but the animation is some of the best out there. The video is collaboration between more than 20 animators, each taking a couple seconds of the poems; even without the poem and background music the video would be an aesthetic and artistic masterpiece. Every animation is stunning, every word in the poem heart-wrenching and emotional. Altogether, the video is a beautiful merging of great animation and spoken word poetry to create one amazing final product.

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