Featured Vid #354 – Chuck Jones: The Evolution of an Artist

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If you’re like a good portion of middle-aged Americans, or even young Americans, there’s a good chance you grew up watching one of the most famous and critically acclaimed cartoons of all time: Looney Toons. Made by Chuck Jones for Disney, Looney Toons and its vast array of characters, shorts, and specials ran all the way from 1930 to 1969, becoming a large part of the childhood of many generations. Even after the series was over the Looney Toons characters lived on in replays of the old episodes and even other series using the same characters.

You might wonder how Chuck Jones, the director of Looney Toons and all the shorts in the series, made so many hilarious episodes come to life so well. In the video above, Every Frame A Painting takes a look at the methods behind making such great cartoons, straight from the man himself. Titled Chuck Jones – The Evolution Of An Artist, the video is a very interesting documentary on Jones’ creative process, and helps explain why Looney Toons was just so good.

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