Featured Vid #367 – When Carmakers Taunted Horses

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It’s been around a century since the paradigm-shifting fight for the streets: the fight between horses and automobiles. While you might not think it was much of a fight, as the car is obviously better, you will be surprised at how much both sides had to fight to stay in the game. Carmakers had to overcome the backlash that always slows down technologies, as everyone was worried about automobiles’ safety ┬ácompared to the good old horse. Why do you think we measure a car’s power in horsepower? That’s right, to make sure everyone knows how much superior car engines are to horses.

In the fascinating video above by Vox, you’ll learn all about the transition from horses to cars. As it turns out, car supporters had no choice but to try to taunt and express superiority over horses until they faded out of common usage. Not only is the history very interesting, but Vox compares the history to what is happening now, which may very well be an accurate prediction of the coming years in the car industry.

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