Featured Vid #372 – The Present

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For a small animation team, winning an award at a film festival is pretty hard, especially since animation is pretty much dominated by large companies like Pixar, Dreamworks, and more. But 59 film festival awards? That’s unheard of, for any short film. And yet a group of students at a German film school managed to do just that, their film The Present scoring awards at 59 different film festivals and landing some of the students jobs at Pixar. It’s a brilliantly animated, heartwarming story of a boy and a very cute dog; something that nobody can dislike.

The title of the video gives a little away about the plot: a boy is given a dog by his mother, and the rest of the video chronicles their first meeting. The film nailed everything about an animated short film – amazing animation, poignant story, interesting characters, the whole nine yards. Without context, The Present is almost indistinguishable from larger companies’ short films, and it’s pretty easy to say that the film definitely deserved all those accolades.

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