Featured Vid #373 – Slow Jam The News With President Obama

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As the US presidential election is heading into the general election, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the nominees for the Republicans and Democrats respectively, it has become time for many Americans to look back upon the last 8 years of the Obama administration and evaluate the progress made. While what people on one side of the political spectrum would say is progress the people on the other would say is regress, I think we can all agree that Barack Obama was one of the more consequential presidents in history, and one that will certainly be remembered for generations to come (not only for the fact that he is the first African-American president, which is a milestone in itself).

Aside from being a very consequential president, Obama was also one of the “hippest” presidents to date. His last White House Correspondence Dinner speech was incredibly funny, he held many events and met with many popular figures at the White House (including YouTubers, three times in fact), and he even appeared on talks shows like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and performed his very famous “Slow Jam The News” skit many years ago in his first term. Now, at the end of his second term, he revisited the show to do another installment of “Slow Jam The News”, just as funny as the first one.

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