Featured Vid #378 – What Bill Gates Is Afraid Of

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Bill Gates is, undoubtedly, a person you would listen to if they gave you advice. Not only is he an incredibly smart person, but as you probably already know, he co-founded the tech giant Microsoft back in 1975 and became one of the richest people in the world (despite the fact that he’s given away more than 90% of his money to charity). Now, when asked what he is most afraid of, i.e., what major catastrophic event in the future does he think is most probable, his answer isn’t one that you would probably have guessed.

Not a nuclear war or a supervolcano erupting. What Bill Gates is most afraid of is a highly-evolved virus that kills millions around the globe. His guess at the probability of that happening within his lifetime? “Well over 50%”, in his own words. In the great video above by Vox, Gates explains this estimate and what he thinks we can do to stop a global epidemic from breaking out today.

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