Featured Vid #381 – What makes something “Kafkaesque”?

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You may have heard the word kafkaesque before. According to Google, the definition is “characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka’s fictional world” – which isn’t really that helpful. It means an overly complex and arduous task, but that definition doesn’t really encapsulate the whole meaning of the word, especially in relation to Kafka’s work. So, if you have no experience in reading Kafka’s books, how could you learn what the word means and how to use it? Well, the video above has you covered.

Made by TED-Ed, the video talks about Kafka’s work, what the word kafkaesque means, and why it’s such an interesting word. By giving examples of some of Kafka’s plotlines, ideas, and themes in his work, the video gives fascinating background behind the increasing relevant word in today’s modern world.

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