Featured Vid #386 – Where Do Galaxies Come From?

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Humanity’s home has been, and most likely will be for the near future, on Earth. Earth is located in the outer edge of the Milky Way, just one galaxy out of, to quote the video above, “bajillions” of galaxies in the observable universe. We know there are so many galaxies because, over time, scientists have developed telescopes large enough to see so far that we can look even back in time. As we know Earth had a long and very interesting origin story, it’s only natural to wonder about the Milky Way, and beyond that, galaxies in general.

How do they form? They can’t just appear, after all. What spawned the creation of galaxies in the first place? All of these questions are fascinating, and MinutePhysics answers them in the very interesting and informative video above.┬áThe video shows that, with good instruments, creative thinkers, and lots of hard work, science can help figure out more about our universe then we would even think possible.


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