Featured Vid #388 – Can an Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

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Humans are very good at many things: using tools, problem solving, pattern recognition, working together, and to a certain extent, making art. Art is an integral part of every culture, and we humans have been making it for thousands of years. Compare those skills to that of a computer. Computers are fantastic at making calculations, data handling, communication, and much more. But making art? Not so much, right?

Well, the video above actually argues that, yes, computers can make art. While it’s true that computers are simply collections of 1s and 0s, Artificial Intelligence has been in development over the past many decades to try to prove that more can be done with those 1s and 0s than one might think. Techniques like Neural Networks and more are starting to learn from art that humans have made and create some original art of their own. In the fascinating video above, Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel talks about AI art, where we are now, and what more has to be developed to create true art. But one thing is for sure; given time, computers will be able to do many of the things humans thought to be reserved for us.

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