Featured Vid #390 – How Brexit Snuck Up On Everyone

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As you might have heard, the British people recently voted to leave the European Union in a referendum that shocked the entire world. While it was a close vote, 52% to 48%, that still means that the so-called “eurosceptic” movement, headed recently by the party UKIP, has gained significant traction with the British people (primarily English people, almost all of Scotland and Ireland voted remain, while large parts of England and Northern Ireland voted leave). It seems like, before the vote, everyone was predicting the outcome to be remain. The person who suggested the referendum in the first place, Prime Minister David Cameron, was very much opposed to the idea, and he only proposed it as a way to suppress the complaints of anti-EU eurosceptics.

So how did the “Brexit” sneak up on us like it did? In the great video above, The Nerdwriter talks about everything leading up to the referendum; what the motivations were for pro-Brexit supporters, the history of the UKIP party, and simply how in the world we got to the situation we are in.

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