Featured Vid #394 – People Are Awesome 2015

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In three words, the title of today’s featured video (and the channel that made is) perfectly sums up the video above: people are awesome. That’s pretty much it. With over 8 million views, the great video above is one in the archive of many “People Are Awesome” videos on the channel of the same name. Specifically, the video is a compilation of the best clips from their whole year-long collection of people doing amazing things. From parkour to skimboarding to ping pong trickshots to much, much more, the amount of sheer awesomess in the video above is almost mind-blowing.

Every second-long clip in the three and a half minute long video is incredible showcasing someone from around the world putting their talents on display. Altogether, it’s just a fun, entertaining video, and well-made video showing just how awesome people can be.

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