Channel Showcase: People Are Awesome

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Today’s Channel Showcase has, by far, the most self-explanatory title for any channel I’ve showcased to far: People Are Awesome. A couple days ago, I featured People Are Awesome’s 2015 compilation video, a great example of the type of videos the channel makes. In case you missed it, the video was a compilation of many incredible stunts, trickshots, and any other short clips of people showing off unique and amazing talents they have. From flipping over moving cars to cliff-diving to synchronized spinning wheelies on bicycles, the video is simply a fun compilation of all the best clips the channel has built up over a year.


This type of compilation videos isn’t unique to the channel and has been popular on the Internet for some time now, but I’d say that People Are Awesome do it better than anyone. With over 1.6 million subscribers, they have a large fanbase that not only supports the channel and makes their content better but also submits some awesome video clips of their own to be featured in the videos. The production value is good, as good as it can be for compilation videos; fitting soundtracks, good editing, altogether a great aesthetic.

The video above, the trailer for the channel, is a perfect example of the good production value and the awesome clips coming together to make a thoroughly enjoyable video. As the narrator of the videos says, we’re all human, and what the channel is really about showing off all the amazing things people have learned to do all over the world. That’s what draws millions of people to People Are Awesome videos, as everyone likes to watch other people doing incredible things, whether for inspiration or simply because of how amazing every second of every one of the channel’s videos are.

While the video from the channel I featured a couple days ago was a 2015’s yearly compilation video, the channel puts out weekly videos, sometimes highlighting three or four specific awesome people/talents, other times featuring specific topics such as American Sports, Summer activities, or monthly compilations. Every once in a while, it’s nice to just sit back and be blown away for 5-10 minutes, People Are Awesome is a perfect channel to do just that.

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