Featured Vid #406 – Pokémon GO Meets Parkour in Real Life

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Pokemon GO, an artificial reality/location-based mobile video game, has taken the world by storm. Through placement of virtual Pokemon all over the world, and various other catching, battling, and collecting mechanisms, the game has become a huge hit, reaching the top of the app store incredibly quickly. There’s a good chance you have the game, have played it, or at the very least have heard of it. Its popularity makes sense; after all, who doesn’t want to hunt and capture real live Pokemon?

Apparently, the answer is no one. But, of course, as great as Pokemon GO is, it isn’t really real life Pokemon hunting. In the very entertaining video above by devinsupertramp, you’ll see what a real real life Pokemon hunt would look like. With some freerunning and parkour mixed in, Devin Graham’s video above is a great short film documenting a “Pikachu” and a “Charmander”, two Pokemon, being chased by Pokemon hunters.

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