Featured Vid #407 – Fan.tasia

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There’s no doubt that Disney is one of the most iconic film companies, if not companies in general, of all time. Pretty much every movie they have made since their inception has been a massive hit, influencing generations of people through their captivating stories, great animation, and wonderful soundtracks. From The Little Mermaid to The Lion King, Disney feature films are full of lovable characters, memorable moments, and very creatively made animated shots that made the films much more enjoyable than if they’d have been made as a live action. The video above takes advantage of that, creating one compilation video of clips from every Disney movie since 1989.

Unlike most compilation videos, the video above, titled “Fan.tasia“, is more than just a succession of clips from many famous Disney movies. It’s more of a work of art, weaving shots from many different movies together masterfully. The video even matches the soundtrack, sometimes as if the characters in the films are speaking the lyrics themselves. Even though it’s just a compilation, it’s a great way not only to show how great Disney’s animation is but also how creative people on YouTube can be.


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