Featured Vid #411 – This Flower Only Grows In The Wild On A Single Tiny Island… In Illinois.

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I’ve been featuring videos on this website for over 400 days now, and I haven’t yet featured two botany-related videos in a row. Well, there’s a first for everything. Today’s featured video, made by thebrainscoop and hosted by Emily Graslie, talks about a small plant that happens to natively live only on one small island. For a plant that, in the wild, has such a small natural habitat, it’s somewhat surprising the amount of attention it’s gathered.

The plant is called the Kankakee Mallow, and is a flower that lives only on a small island in the Kankakee River in Illinois. In the interesting and very entertaining video, Emily Graslie joins some local conservationists on a trip to the island to see the Kankakee Mallow in bloom for the first time in over a decade, as well as show us viewers what it’s like to try and conserve such a rare┬áplant.

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