Featured Vid #420 – Is Most Published Research Wrong?

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Recently, scientists are having somewhat of a crisis. Upon closer inspection, the system of first researching and experimenting, then writing a paper, then submitting it to an esteemed journal for publication (and later replicating the study) isn’t as foolproof as was once thought. In fact, a bunch of recent studies and research have made the argument that, not a little bit, but a majority of published research may be false.

Now, there’s no reason to go doubting science completely, but the interesting video above, made by Veritasium, outlines a significant problem in modern science. The pressures of getting your study published, making the conclusion significant, and much more can (and have) influenced the conclusions published studies have been reaching. Steps are being made to correct for this, but as with anything, don’t go believing everything you read, even if it was published in a scientific journal, and especially if it sounds too good to be true.

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