Featured Vid #422 – Is The Internet a Public Place?

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While it may seem straightforward, the question stated in the title of the video above is actually much more complicated and interesting than you might think; is the Internet a public place? First off, simply implying that the Internet is a “place” should give you pause. Where would the Internet be located? At its servers scattered across the world? Wherever you’re using it? The question itself doesn’t make much sense to begin with. Secondly, as the video above talks about in depth, classifying the Internet as “public” or “private” demands scrutiny in itself.

Luckily for us, Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel went into depth on the topic in the video above, talking about the nature of the Internet, the definition of a public place, the implications of defining the Internet as a public place (or not) on free speech, and much more. It’s a fascinating video, as PBS Idea Channel videos consistently are,┬átalking a surprisingly important topic in our modern world.


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