Featured Vid #423 – Determinism vs Free Will

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I’ve featured many videos from the Crash Course philosophy series, each video interesting, informative, and each tackling a large philosophical topic or question. Today’s video fits the bill perfectly, outlining two sides of an age-old concept that philosophers have been arguing about for centuries: free will. Unlike some other philosophical concepts, free will is one that you can’t simply avoid thinking about, as your position on it directly affects everyday life. There are two sides to the free will argument; determinism and libertarian free will, as well as some positions that mix the two such as soft determinism and compatibilism (which is discussed in another video).

Hank Green and the writers of Crash Course philosophy do a wonderful job explaining the concept of free will, using examples of famous philosophers and thought experiments to help you form your own opinion. Free will is such a key human concept, and the video above is the perfect mix of entertainment and informative content to help you fully understand it.


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