Featured Vid #424 – The Hippest Internet Cafe Of 1995

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Back in 1995, the Internet was a very new thing. Today, everyone has access to it, and it has transformed our lives more than anyone would have ever expected. Everything, from shopping to medicine to real estate, has been in some way affected by the introduction and popularization of the Internet. But back in 1995, access to the Internet was much less common. So uncommon, in fact, that only places like universities had Internet access that was at all useful. Well, universities and Internet cafes.

The fascinating video above, created by Vox, features an interview with a co-founder of one of the very first “cyber bar”, the @ Cafe. The @ Cafe was a place that you could go to have a drink, hang out with friends, and get access to (what was at the time) incredibly fast Internet. The video above shows just how much technology can change the world, even in the span of only two decades.

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