Featured Vid #427 – What Does a Chopstick Piano Sound Like?

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I’ve seen a lot of music videos, from large artists to smaller musical channels. It’s not often that I see a music video featuring a musician, artist, or video technique that is completely unique. Today’s video, made by Kuma Films, features musician┬áSami Elu playing a song on his unique, custom instrument: a mixture of recycled instruments that the video accurately described as a “chopstick piano”. The instrument, while only operated by one person, can play songs all by itself, Sami expertly playing it in the video to create a pretty unique and amazing sound.

Aside from the piano-like chopstick keyboard, the instrument also has an array of strings he plucks, a couple foot pedals that make a couple different sounds, a small cymbal foot pedal, and some bells Sami wears around his ankle. The end result is a soothing, melodic, almost ethereal-sounding tune that Same performs wonderfully.

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