Featured Vid #429 – 3 Fallacies For Election Season!

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Putting all personality, partisan, and politics aside, elections really are just a bunch of people arguing for why they’d be the best president. Whether that’s through giving detailed explanations of their policies, holding entertaining and large rallies but with no real substance, or sitting somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, candidates from every party have to do some kind of arguing for people to vote for them. Sometimes, whether or not they know they’re doing it, politicians may commit fallacies: common logical arguments that aren’t logically sound.

In the helpful and interesting video above, made by PBS Idea Channel, Mike Rugnetta tells you about 3 fallacies that are particularly common in the political arena: the Appeal To Emotion Fallacy, the Non Sequitor Fallacy, and the Appeal To Nature Fallacy. Giving helpful examples and in-depth explanations, the video above helps us prepare for what will inevitably be, and already is, a confusing and chaotic election year.

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