Featured Vid #440 – What Would You Do If You Never Had To Worry About Money?

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What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money? Most everybody has to accept that worrying about money is simply a part of life; managing financials, making budgets, etc. Any concept that takes worrying about money out of the equation, something that is so essential to the very foundation of our global economy, capitalism, is often written off as crazy or impossible. But recently, an idea called a “Universal Basic Income” has been becoming more and more popular as a potential addition to the current economic landscape of the United States (and plenty of other countries as well).

Universal Basic Income is a pretty self-explanatory concept; if implemented, everyone would receive a certain amount of money from the government every month for simply existing. You could spend it on whatever you want, whether that be your rent, new shoes, or a vacation to Hawaii. The fascinating video above, made by Delve, talks about how the Universal Basic Income may be possible, the theory behind how it would work, and why it might even become a necessity to save millions of people from poverty in the near future.


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