Featured Vid #441 – Kamasi Washington performs “The Rhythm Changes”

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I try to avoid featuring videos on this website strictly highlighting musical performances, mostly because taste in music varies so much; what I might think is great music someone else might not like at all. But for the video above, I made an exception. Starring Jazz giant Kamasi Washington and his band, the video is a well put together and filmed documentation of Washington’s performance at the Pitchfork Music Festival. The band is playing their song “The Rhythm Changes”, a great funk/latin/contemporary jazz song in itself, although the highlight of the whole thing is Kamasi’s absolutely amazing solo about 2 minutes in.

Saxophone solos are a staple of Jazz, and Kamasi smashes his out of the park. He somehow takes the solo about three levels of intensity higher than you expect (you’ll understand when you watch it), making the solo entertaining no matter how many times you hear it. The performance is not only pleasing to listen to but is also a wonderful display of talent and musicianship in a modern music industry dominated by overly-produced and largely computer-generated songs.

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