Featured Vid #447 – America’s Creepy Clown Craze, Explained

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You might have heard about the somewhat strange theme in news stories coming from college campuses and small towns all over the Unites States recently: news stories involving a creepy clown of some sort causing havoc or unrest. Stories of “clown sightings”, involving or not involving a weapon of some sort, have been popping up all from all over the US, causing school lockdowns, arrests, and more.

It seems strange that, as clowns are traditionally benign and rather cheerful characters, they would suddenly become the center a controversy such as the one they are in right now.┬áThe fascinating video above, made by Vox, explains where the “creepy clown craze” came from, how clowns have grown such a negative and creepy reputation and even the craze’s affect on the world of clowning as a whole.

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