Featured Vid #448 – The Science Of Dank Memes

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To the uninitiated, Internet memes can be a perplexing phenomenon. While the current meme making the rounds is Kenneth Bone, who I’ll let you Google to understand, there have been plenty Internet memes that have become so popular even people outside common meme circles (i.e., Reddit) might have heard of; Harambe, Pepe the Frog, Dat Boi, Grumpy Cat, and more being prime examples. And yes, those are all real.

Now, even though I’m fairly familiar with meme culture, they still sometimes perplex me. Luckily for us, Sci-Show made the video above to explain the science – yes, science – behind the so-called “dank memes”. It turns out the science of memes is much more interesting than one might think, coined by Richard Dawkins back before Internet memes were even a thing.┬áNot only does the video explain what memes are, but also why they exist and what evolutionary purpose they serve (as if they didn’t serve any, they probably wouldn’t exist).

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