Featured Vid #450 – The Most Efficient Way to Destroy the Universe

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Leave it to physicists to come up with yet another way the entire universe can be destroyed with nothing we can do about it. This time, unfortunately, it might happen at any moment. While it’s a very complex topic, involving the Higgs field, quantum mechanics, energy states, and more, the video above explains it very well and such that people with no physics background whatsoever can understand it.

Made by the fantastic science channel Kurzgesagt, the video above talks about the theoretical concept of vacuum decay. It’s a fascinating subject, since, as I said above, it could potentially wipe out the whole universe in one foul swoop. That’s if it is proven to be true; we currently just don’t know one way or another. Either way, it’s a very interesting topic and a very interesting video to match, showing just how creative the universe is at coming up with ways to kill us off.

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