Featured Vid #451 – The Rules For Rulers

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Politics can be pretty confusing sometimes. For many centuries, the majority of nations across the globe were run under some sort of monarchy, a single ruler with ultimate power. Recently, by which I mean in the last couple hundred years, nations from across the world have decided that installing a democracy would actually be the best way to go. These two systems seem to have drastically different ways of attaining power, keeping power, and effectively completing the objectives of the person or people in power.

In the video above, CPG Grey tries to convince you that, while they may look different, the underlying structure of both political systems are actually quite similar and run on the same rules and principles. He explains three rules that any self-respecting ruler should follow if they want to keep their power, and it really gives fascinating insight into the minds of people in power. Whether or not politicians actually think the way CGP Grey describes is questionable (i.e., only thinking of themselves and how they can attain and keep power), but there’s no doubt he has shed light on the forces at play in the mysterious realm of politics.



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