Featured Vid #458 – Overpopulation: The Human Explosion Explained

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It might be hard to believe,┬ábut there are currently seven billion humans alive on the Earth right now. Seven point four billion, to be exact. This number has grown at a ridiculous rate over the last couple hundred to a thousand years and only continues to increase. Nations all over the world are already experiencing symptoms of overpopulation including lack of resources, low standards of living, and more. It seems as if we are heading towards a point where Earth simply can’t sustain the amount of people that are trying to live on it.

Will the global population continue to rise, slowly reaching a breaking point that will trigger catastrophic consequences? Well, maybe. The fascinating video above is by Kurzgesagt and it explains why a continued increase in population won’t persist for too much longer, and why this increased rate of population growth is simply a symptom of countries developing, a stage in growth that all first-world nations have gone through. While the population will cap off, it might still reach a potentially dangerous amount of people, so while there’s no need to panic (quite yet) it is still something that should be kept under scrutiny for the next couple hundred years.


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