Featured Vid #460 – A New History for Humanity

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As of last night at 12:00 pm, we entered what is generally accepted as the year 2017. This is because most of the world uses the Gregorian calendar, a calendar that uses Jesus’ birth as a year zero (even though his birth was most likely four years earlier). This year zero has been in use for many hundreds of years, but a new calendar has been proposed that makes a simple change to the Gregorian calendar but a significant change to the meaning of the year zero.

The fascinating video above, made by Kurzgesagt, outlines this proposed change and why it more accurately describes the history of humanity than the Gregorian Calendar does. While the change would push us much further forward in the calendar, an order of magnitude in fact, it wouldn’t be that unreasonable of a change and would be worth it to more accurately describe what is being called the “Human Era”.

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