Featured Vid #461 – Brilliant Accidents

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The meaning of life has been the subject of countless existential crises. It’s a pretty important question, and one that has been on the minds of some of the greatest thinkers of all time. Whether that be through religion, through science, or through philosophy, there have been many attempts to answer this question or variants of it. This fantastic video by Exurb1a attempts to give an alternative answer to the meaning of life, or as the video explains, the telos of life.

In the video, Exurb1a uses the concept of entropy and complexity to explain his “telos”, or ultimate aim, of the universe and our existence in it. It’s a very interesting theory, and Exurb1a explains it in a very captivating and interesting way. As videos on YouTube go, from cat videos to trick shots, Exurb1a’s content always manages to be exceptionally profound and entertaining, this video included.



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