Featured Vid #462 – How I memorized an entire chapter from “Moby Dick”

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Memorization can be hard. The current standard for memorization strategies, route memorization, can take a long time and is surely not the most efficient way of memorizing long and complicated speeches, numbers, or whatever else you’d like to memorize. And yet, people in memory championships can remember amazing amounts of numbers, words, and letters in incredibly short amounts of time. How do they do it, and how can we use some of their strategies to help in the more common memorization of something like a speech?

The fascinating video above, made by Vox, explains one memorization technique shown to be very effective: the memory palace. The memory palace involves creating a mental image of a physical space you know well, usually your house, and placing images thought your palace that helps jog your memory of each line of what you’re trying to memorize. The video above documents a Vox writer’s successful attempt of using the memory palace to memorize a chapter of Moby Dick, and it explains a very useful memorization technique that can surely be of use to anyone that watches it.

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