Featured Vid #463 – NFL 2017: A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

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As you might already know, today is the Super Bowl. The one day a year during which American Football takes the center stage and the whole country turns to their TVs to watch three hours of football and, with more prominence recently, the advertisements. In the spirit of that, I thought I’d choose a video that has something to do with football today; even if it may be mocking football (in a lighthearted and silly way, that is).

The video above is made by the comedy channel Bad Lip Reading, a channel that does exactly that: do bad lip readings. In reality, their videos aren’t lip readings as much as very well done dubbings. The problem with the dubbings is that they’re purposely wrong, having the football players saying hilariously incomprehensible things. This video takes clips from NFL football games and has dubs over the players, creating both an entertaining and very funny video.

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