Featured Vid #464 – 25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion

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Have you ever wanted to watch 25 airbags explode in quick succession, each airbag sending a cloud of powdered paint of all colors into the air? No? Well, you should. Luckily for us, the Slow Mo Guys have made that possible, and no only that, but filmed it in astoundingly cool-looking slow motion too. Known across the Interwebs for their incredible footage and videos made using super slow motion cameras, the Slow Mo Guys made one of their biggest messes yet when they decided to take make a rainbow cloud of paint using airbags to propel the dust into the air.

The video above, today’s featured video, documents the process they went through to get some of their breath-taking shots, including setting up the airbags, finding the right angles, and of course, setting them off. The end result is not only very cool footage but also an entertaining video, showing that with a little ingenuity and resourcefulness you can create some very large, very aesthetically pleasing messes.

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