Featured Vid #468 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The 3 Rules of Living Animation

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For certain movies, incredible lengths were gone to in order to make the film extraordinarily good. There’s no doubt that the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, directed by Robert┬áZemeckis, is one of those movies. The film, a crime/fantasy/comedy mix, was a groundbreaking blend of live action and animation that went to lengths much farther than any movie that attempted that style previously.

As the video above explains, made by kaptainkristain, the end result was a pretty impressive work of animation and filmmaking as the techniques and effort used to make the movie what it was had never been done to the same effect before. From eye lines to camera movement to premeditated interaction with the real world, the makers of the film made sure that their attempt to blend animation seemlessly with live action was not in vain, and with great success.

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