Featured Vid #469 – History of the Entire World, I Guess

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Telling the history of the entire world is no small task. Many have tried, in books and encyclopedias and websites. And yet, one of my most favorite attempts to tell this story is in the video above. The video, reaching just under 20 minutes long, covers the entire history of the world from the Big Bang to the dinosaurs to the beginning of human history to today. And somehow, it manages to be hilarious, captivating, and enjoyable the entire way through.

The video was created by Bill Wurtz, a YouTuber who got his start when his other lengthy history video, the History of Japan, put him on the map with 28 million views. Within 10 days of the release of “the history of the entire world, I guess”, the video already has 16 million views, and has attracted the attention of even major news networks like The Guardian. The reason this interpretation of history is so entertaining is because of Wurtz’s very funny and still accurate telling of history, as well as his amazingly unique editing and storytelling style. I can’t fully capture the experience of watching a Bill Wurtz video in words, but I can tell you it is one of the most enjoyable and effective history videos I’ve ever watched.

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