Featured Vid #472 – What’s The Best Spot To Live On Earth?

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Out of all the places on this planet you can live in, whether that be in the middle of the Siberian Tundra, Paris, or the suburbs of Chicago, it seems simply up to a matter of preference concerning which one is better. If you like the cold, maybe the northeastern Unites States would suit you best. If not, maybe California or Hawaii. A subjective matter, right? Well, while personal preferences may play a larger role in choosing where to live, there are objective, quantifiable measurements that can be made.

For instance, life expectancy, standard of living, education, and much more all play a role in picking which country is the best to live in. The interesting video above, made by Life Noggin, explains these quantifiable factors, as well as what countries do well in each category. While there are a few obvious contenders from every continent, you might be surprised which nations excel at certain factors, and which ones are all-around a good potential country to choose as your home.


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