Featured Vid #473 – Optimistic Nihilism

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Kurzgesagt is a youtube channel that, due to the content of their videos, sometimes leaves viewers in a little bit of an existential crisis. This could be because their video illuminates the immensity of time, or perhaps the immensity of the universe itself, or maybe the fact that we don’t know what most of our universe consists of, or that aliens might exist, or any one of their many, many video topics. One may be left wondering: what philosophy does the creators of Kurgesagt adopt in order to combat any sense of hopelessness or meaninglessness their videos cause?

In the video above, Kurgesagt explains exactly that. Due to the empirical nature of the channel, their philosophy isn’t religious, while that could also fill the holes left by their videos. Rather, they subscribe to their own philosophy, what they call “optimistic nihilism”. Rather than rejecting or explaining away the troubling scientific truths, optimistic nihilism embraces it and finds the silver lining that gives life meaning.

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