Featured Vid #470 – The Rise of the Machines: Why Automation is Different this Time

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For many years, science-fiction writers have written about a potential machine takeover, a time in the near future where the robots will take our jobs and run our governments and rise to destroy us. Many movies and novels have documented this, but until recently these scenarios have been dismissed as outlandishly futuristic. But as of late, artificial intelligence and robotics are reaching greater and greater thresholds of progress such that this scenario is looming on the horizon, and forward-looking authors are starting to recognize what impact that may have.

In the fascinating video above, made by Kurzgesagt, the current manifestations of this potential machine take-over of the workforce are discussed. From the history of automation to why this time will be different, the video is a very interesting piece of highly-researched futurism, explaining in detail why the future may be filled with challenges of the like we have never faced before.

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