Featured Vid #384 – Britain is leaving the EU. Here’s what that means.

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You may have heard about the news that shocked the whole world recently: Britain’s leave/stay referendum ending in the populous voting to incite a “Brexit”. This, of course, means that Britain will leave the EU, causing many arguably good or bad repercussions to occur. Supported by far-right party UKIP, the “Brexit” was the source of a lot of contention in the UK recently, and that all peaked two days ago with the referendum. It was a close call, with only 52% for leave and 48% for remain.

If anything, everybody can agree that this vote is a very important one, one that may even help determine the fate of the EU as a whole. The video above, made by Vox, explains what went down, what exactly a “Brexit” entails, and what the consequences may be.

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