Featured Vid #432 – The Story Of The Bass

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The bass, whether upright, electric, or electronic, is no doubt one of the most important instruments in modern music. Along with the drums, the bass creates the pulse and foundation of any song, as well as playing a handful of other roles over the years. It’s been around a while, after all; the bass can even be traced back to the 1600s when it evolved out of the Viola Da Gamba, a similar stringed instrument. From classical to jazz to rock, the bass has played a key role in music of all types.

The video above, made by the channel CDZA, tells the history of the bass in what I think it the best way possible: to play it. The bassist Michael Thurber, along with a couple other musicians on various instruments, cover the whole history of the bass in the great video above by playing short samples of influential songs throughout history that show how the instrument and its usages have changed over time.

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