Featured Vid #5 – Iraq Explained

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For the fifth featured video of the day, I’ve picked Kurzgesagt’s

Iraq Explained — ISIS, Syria and War

Nobody can doubt that the conflicts in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East have been on of the major events of the last two decades. But really, how much do you know about the sides of the conflicts and what they’re actually fighting about? Do you know why they’re fighting in the first place? What is the Unites States’ role in all this? What does ISIS even stand for? (just so you know, Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria) In this brilliantly animated and incredibly interesting video by educational video animator Kurzgesagt, you will learn the answers to all my conveniently provided questions above, and more about the war going on in the used-to-be Fertile Crescent.

The war over in the Middle East, well, it’s complicated. Very, very complicated. Religious tensions, long suppression of minorities, and much more that you don’t really want to mess with are deeply involved. And don’t get me wrong, what is going on there is terrible in so many ways, and something needs to be done. But, before you go out and publicly talk about the conflict, it would probably help to know more about the basis of the fighting in the first place.

And seriously, don’t blame Islam on this. Any Islamic terrorist force, such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS, are complete extremists in any and every way, taking the word of the Quran so literally that it isn’t even the Quran anymore and more of a “Excuse For Terrorism” book. And to remind you, there are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world, totaling to the second largest religion in the world. So obviously, these people have to pretty dang extreme.

Sorry for the dreary topic today. Just watch the video to become informed.

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