Best Of TED #7 – Are You Human?

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Are you human? Ok, I know, you are. (I’m guessing) But really, have you ever thought about what it means to be human? All of us have the same emotions, the same habits, the same thoughts. In this comedic/philosophical TED talk, Ze Frank, an Internet humorist, poses a plethora of question about experiences you’ve had and emotions that you may have experienced that confirms that you are, in fact, human.

Many of his questions are obviously just comedic, but some of his questions actually do make you sit back and think about your life and experiences. Overall, it’s an entertaining, and thoughtful talk.

I should also mention how much of a legend Ze Frank is in Youtube history. With a viral video way back in 2001, Ze Frank moved on to pioneer the vlogging category of Youtube, most notably taken up by people such as Vlogbrothers and more. Finally, he is now working as the executive vise president of video for Buzzfeed, which you may know has multiple channels, Buzzfeed Blue, Buzzfeed Yellow, and some more colors, all that do pretty much the same thing but are popular anyway.

And that’s the end of the Best Of TED week! Hope you enjoyed the week of great TED talks, and I’ll continue to feature great videos every day, along with having more weeks of categorical featured videos!

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