Channel Showcase: Good Mythical Morning

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Despite the incredible diversity of the types of popular YouTube channels to watch, there is one hole that had already been proved by other forms of media: talk shows. More specifically, daily talk shows. Although there are a couple daily vloggers that you couple bunch in with daily talk shows, a talk show in itself is totally different than a vlog. It has a structure, it has hosts, and it is fundamentally entertaining. Maybe people just want a routine, but for whatever reason daily talk shows like Good Morning America ¬†and other daily TV shows have been very successful and gained quite a following over the years. This hole in the YouTube market is currently being filled by Rhett and Link’s daily talk show channel, Good Mythical Morning.


Rather than a serious, news/interview related daily talk show, as many on TV are (excluding, to some extent, late night), Good Mythical Morning is a talk show that talks about things that people in today’s modern world actually want to spend 10 minutes of their day watching. Of course, nothing is wrong with being serious once in a while, but watching GMM every day can be a great comic relief and a reminder to be fun and relax some of the time. Hosted by Rhett and Link, the show runs weekdays every day, with a new topic and new content delivered to you through the World Wide Web every morning.

The topics Rhett and Link choose are seemingly random; the topic of the last few days ranged from a debate about cats vs. dogs to a conversation about amazing feats of strength to a challenge to find famous faces in food. All of the videos are very entertaining, and definitely worth the 10 minutes of your time. But, if I had to categorize Good Mythical Morning’s videos into 2 main categories, they would be the categories below:

Interesting Facts/Stories:

One of the most common types of video Good Mythical Morning makes is videos about some interesting story or about a bunch of interesting facts. The topics of these videos range incredibly, but they are always interesting and captivating and are my personal favorite type of video on GMM.


As mini-games become more and more popular on TV and YouTube, it’s only natural that one of YouTube’s longstanding biggest personalities, Rhett and Link, will play some. Food games, debates, and personal feats are all types of games that are frequently played of GMM, and they are always fun to watch.

Song Biscuits:

And last but certainly not least, every weekend on Saturday morning Good Mythical Morning releases their weekly Song Biscuit, the video adaptation to their amazing podcast (listen to it!) Ear Biscuits. In Ear Biscuits, they interview Youtubers; in Song Biscuits, they write an impromptu song with the person they interviewed about a random subject generated from Twitter. Not only have Rhett and Link done this game with Youtube stars such as Nice Peter, Hannah Hart, Freddie Wong and more, but the songs are always hilarious, catchy and actually quite good. (despite being about topics like The Secret Life Of A Hamster)

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal promotional shots

Overall, Good Mythical Morning is a great channel, producing funny, interesting and fun content on a convenient schedule.  Currently with 7 million subscribers, Rhett and Link tell stories, play games, and make songs every day for our entertainment, and, as they say, make their place in our morning routine.

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