Channel Showcase: Corridor Digital

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Special effects is one of the coolest parts of the movie industry. Special effects allow you to change a scene that would otherwise be dull and add dragons, an army of robots, lightsabers, and more. Anything that is not real people, objects, or Disney-style animation is special effects, and they are what gives a movie a “wow” factor. In the best cases, you can’t even tell that any movie magic is happening behind the scenes. The problem is, there aren’t really any Youtubers that bother to spend so much time and money so that they can create these amazing effects. Well, that is, except Corridor Digital.


Corridor Digital is a channel that creates videos that uses special effects in pretty much every video to make visually amazing and cool videos. Many of their videos are gaming related, and the channel uses their special effects skills to bring the games to life. Not only do Corridor Digital’s videos have amazing effects, which sets them apart by itself, but the videos also have great storylines. It’s not all about the cool effects, although that is part of it. To give you an example, above is one of Corridor’s most popular videos, called Powered UP!.

Powered UP! is a video about three video game characters, Laura Croft from Tomb Raider, Master Chief from Halo, and an assassin from Assasin’s Creed. These characters set out to steal one of the most precious recourses from the video game universe: Mario’s power-ups. Of course, to do that, they have to face Mario himself. The video is fun, full of references that gamers will get, and has a bunch of amazing effects. A great video all around.


Another great example of a Corridor Digital video is one called The Glitch. The Glitch has 22 million views, and is one of the channel’s most popular videos. The plot is basically that, in a world full of many video game characters like Mario, Steve from Minecraft, and Link, along with plenty of characters from a variety of other games, there is a glitch. That glitch threatens everyone in the world, not only by eating up everything, but also causing objects and even people to, well, glitch. There are plenty of gaming references for those of you who play games, but even for those of you who don’t you can appreciate the animation and effects. And just a warning – there is some pretty creepy animation, although nothing gory or anything like that, at around 1 minute and 29 seconds in. Just to let you know. You can watch it HERE.

Altogether, Corridor Digital is a channel that appeals a large group of people. Gamers like it, as much of their content is related to video games. Non-gamers like it, since even if you don’t know much about the games, you can still appreciate and enjoy many of their videos, as not many of them require a good video game knowledge to follow the storyline. The videos not only have visually amazing special effects, which must take a lot of hard work and talent to create, but they are one-of-a-kind on Youtube.

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