Featured Vid #134 – How No Man’s Sky Creates A Universe!

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No Man’s Sky is a game that has been generating a lot of excitement and hype for its release later next year, and deservedly so. The game is basically an exploration game, and although the specifics haven’t been released yet, the game looks really fun. The part of the game that is generating excitement and curiosity is the fact that the game takes place in a massively multiplayer universe, one big enough to fit every player who would ever want to play the game, and still have a lot of room left over.

In total, No Man’s Sky has enough planets so that if you visit one every seconds it would take you longer than the time our sun will take to die out. That’s a very, very long time. The game can do this because it’s procedurally generated, and as you will learn in the video, the game uses many interesting techniques to create a totally random yet aesthetically pleasing variety of plants, animals, and scenery. It is a fascinating video, and I’m very excited to try the game when it comes out in 2016.

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