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Traveling to interesting and exotic places is always an amazing and eye-opening experience. Even through an only three or four day trip, you can have your whole view of a country, or even continent, turned on its head. Without visiting or learning extensively about a country, people nowadays can be very ignorant about situations in other countries despite the Internet connecting us so easily. And I’m sure everyone would travel all the time if they could, but traveling does have its downsides: it’s expensive, tiring, and sometimes even dangerous.


So, if we want to learn about a place without physically visiting the place, how do we do it? Well, I already said the Internet connects the most of the world in one big communication network, so the communication of the images, text, and videos isn’t a problem. What isn’t very common is finding someone willing and with the willpower and energy to constantly go on these amazing adventures, who also can afford to do that without putting a complete hold on their life. One such person if Louis Cole, who runs a YouTube channel called FunForLouis on which he travels all over the world, as he says after every video, living the adventure.

Essentially, FunForLouis is a daily vlog. Every day, from the morning ’till night, Louis is filming all the adventures he goes on and putting them on YouTube for us to watch. This obviously requires a lot of dedication; after all, he’s been doing it for 885 days straight now and isn’t stopping any time soon (as far as I know). Not only does it take a lot of dedication, but it is very hard to make your daily life interesting. I know mine wouldn’t be. Part of that, of course, is that Louis is a naturally adventurous and likable guy. He’s always on an adventure, whether in Australia, India, or any other place in the world, and it’s always amazing to see what he is doing on a daily basis.

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For instance, right now he’s in Sierra Leone, a small nation in West Africa currently plagued by Ebola. Just to be there at this time would be adventurous for me, but Louis is going to a variety of small villages around the country, including one where he watched a theatrical play by kids on Ebola, and another where he had to get stopped multiple times on the same road because of Ebola precautions. Besides from that, he’s had wonderful experiences with kids and adults in Sierra Leone, and it’s very eye-opening to watch how they are dealing with Ebola and they still manage to be happy and even dance in the village center. Above is his vlog for yesterday.

Overall, Louis is just an incredibly adventurous person. He has scuba dived, jumped off of cliffs (into water), gone to very remote places, taken a road trip all across India, and a bunch of other amazing things around the world. Not only has Louis gone to incredible places around the world and had incredible experiences, he’s also met a big variety of incredible people along the way, and in turn we’ve gotten to meet them through his videos. Although sometimes it’s hard to experience the world yourself, FunForLouis gives people a great way to explore the world without leaving their home.

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