Featured Vid #188 – Shugo Tokumaru

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Stop motion is one of my favorite styles of film, because if done well, can turn reality into something totally new and fun. People like PES have perfected the art, creating amazing stop motion masterpieces like PES’ Fresh Guacamole. And since stop motion is a realm of film not completely explored and developed yet, you can find plenty of unique and great stop-motion videos all over the web. In this case, I found it in a Japanese music video.

The video uses pieces of colored paper on a grey table, quickly adding more and more pieces of the pile to make the illusion of movement. The pieces of paper are cut in a variety of shapes, from humans to stars to clapping hands, and then flashed on the screen to match the song. The overall effect is hard to describe, but I can say for sure that it makes for a fun and captivating music video, even if you can’t understand the words to the song.

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