Featured Vid #265 – How Statistics Can Be Misleading

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Statistics, by nature, is the study or science of collecting data in large quantities and analyzing it, usually to use the conclusions to affect how we make decisions in the real world. We use our analysis to be more informed in the decision-making process, which can be troubling when taking into account that statistics can easily be done wrong. In fact, simply by changing how we group the data, the end conclusion of the analyses may be wildly changed. The video above talks about only one example of a way that statistics can be troublesome, and that trouble comes in the form of Simpson’s Paradox.

Simpson’s Paradox is an interesting phenomenon in statistics that occurs by the way we group and look at data, which you’ll learn about in the video. Made by TED-Ed, the video does a great job of making fairly complicated statistics easy to understand, and most importantly, interesting.

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