Featured Vid #355 – Dude Perfect World Record Edition

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A while back I featured the How Ridiculous video in which the trickshot crew broke the world record for highest basketball throw by making a basket off the side of a 415 foot dam. It was pretty impressive, seemingly so hard as to be almost impossible to beat. Turns out I was wrong. In the astonishing and entertaining video above, Dude Perfect, the most popular trickshot channel on YouTube, took on the record previously set by How Ridiculous, as well as 10 other records set by the likes of Dwight Howard, the Harlem Globetrotters, and more.

In the presence of a certified Guinness World Record administrator, the 5 Dude Perfect guys break record after record with apparent ease. Every shot is just incredible, not to mention the stunning shot that wraps up the video, a successful shot from the top of a 500-foot building. While all of Dude Perfect’s video are entertaining and astonishing, this one is definitely one of their best.

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