Featured Vid #366 – You Are Two

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There is a popular myth out there that your brain has two sides, each of which take on a certain part of your personality, the left being your logical side and the right your creative side. While your brain does have two sides, or hemispheres, they have nothing to do with parts of your personality. Instead, both hemispheres of your brain are responsible for control over half your body, although flipped from what you would expect; left controls your right side and right your left. As it turns out, the fact that your brain has two sides is much more profound than you might think, and may even call free will and self-identity into question. How?

In the video above, CGP Grey talks about some fascinating experiments done on what happens when you cut the “cords” connecting your right and left brain, as well as the consequences of those experiments. It’s really an interesting video, showing just how good CGP Grey is at finding interesting topics and making them into extraordinarily captivating videos.

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